D.C.L insurance qualibat (construction certification)

The decennial civil liability insurance qualibat (construction certification) D.C.L is an adapted and tailor-made ten-year guarantee for qualibat (construction certification) certified constructors.

Are you subject to decennial civil liability insurance D.C.L. QUALIBAT (construction certification)?

You are also subject to the ten-year liability regime if you act as contractor of a building to be built (seller on plans: term or in state of future completion to one or more future owners), as a property developer (professional seller after completion of buildings that he has built by assuming all the stages and steps of a construction project), constructor of individual houses and technical controller.

Without the decennial civil liability insurance R.C.D. QUALIBAT (construction certification)

Constructors who do not comply with this obligation are liable to a fine and / or six years of imprisonment, but also, it is without counting on the occurrence of a material, bodily and immaterial disaster which could there, weigh heavily down the penalties incurred.