Vehicle fleet insurance

Colautti insurance offers insurance guarantees for your vehicle fleet. Vehicle fleet insurance is a contract grouping together all of the company’s vehicles, from five vehicles with your personal vehicle, under the same contract number, with different and adapted guarantees, if necessary. If you do not have five vehicles yet, we will adapt our offer to your needs.

The firm benefits from privileged agreements with french and foreign partners to respond as closely as possible to your requests for vehicle fleet insurance.

Analysing your needs for vehicle fleet insurance

Firstly, we analyse your activity, then we respond together to the insurance company questionnaires and evaluate your risk with our different partners. Secondly, after having received several responses, we will analyze the best proposal(s) to present to you and advise you on the most suitable insurance solution for your situation.

Vehicles concerned by vehicle fleet insurance

We can insure, within a vehicle fleet insurance contract, all your vehicles and, construction machinery, trailers, handling trucks* with appropriate and different guarantees. Before each renewal anniversary, we review the guarantees and prices of your contract with our various suppliers.

Possible guarantees for vehicle fleet insurance

Automobile fleet insurance guarantees are plethoric :

  • automobile civil liability
  • operating civil liability
  • theft and vandalism
  • fire, explosion, attacks, hail and storm,
  • criminal defence and recourse,
  • damage to all accidents,
  • collision damage
  • broken glass
  • natural disasters
  • radios and similar devices
  • personal effects and items
  • goods and materials transported