Comprehensive multi-risk building insurance

The comprehensive multi-risk building insurance is a warranty which covers all the insurance for a building in the case of fire and various other risks (theft, fire, water damage, glass breakage, legal protection, machinery breakdown, electrical damage, operating loss …).

How multi-risk building insurance is established

The comprehensive multi-risk building insurance is based on the division of property into, movable and immovable property, and is the basis of all rules relating to property law (article 516 and following the civil code). The law distinguishes the buildings by their nature that is to say the goods which cannot be moved which include the buildings, but also their accessories such as, water supply pipes buried in the ground, but also the land, soil products as long as they are not separated from the land, and also, for example, animals which are affected by the exploitation of a property. Article 524 of the civil code defines buildings by assignment.

Thus, we will make this distinction to determine the amounts of capital to be defined based on warranties.