Colautti insurance

Professional insurance

All professionals must insure their goods/ along with their professional civil liability.
Colautti insurance is at your side, when you take out your professional insurance contract, and during the entire life span of the contract. We will adapt coverage to your activity as often as necessary, to protect it from the impacts of incidents or accidents and ensure viability and sustainability.

Private insurance

Because you have exceptional goods and property and your person is unique, colautti insurance offers you adapted individual insurance contracts.
Whether it is your goods, property or your person, colautti insurance, by its responsiveness, offers you insurance guarantees that are adapted and flexible over time to meet your needs and those of your most precious assets, goods and property.

Contracts for professionals

Civil liability insurance

Decennial responsibility insurance

R.C.D. OPQIBI insurance

D.C.l insurance Qualibat (construction certification)

Comprehensive multi-risk building insurance

Damage to works insurance

Vehicle fleet insurance

Key person insurance

Associate pact insurance

Risk insurance

Contracts for individuals

Luxury car

Luxury house

Real estate loan insurance

Damage to works insurance